I recently had the opportunity to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the first time. All my life, I have seen promotions and news stories about how one star or another had received infamy on the walk. Everything always looks very glamourous with the gowns, tuxedos, cameras and reporters. All right, so I knew no one would actually be receiving their star while I was there but I still expected it to be impressive.

The first thing I said was “This is IT?! It’s just a dirty sidewalk!” The bubble of the small town girl was burst. Now, I’m sure Hollywood Chamber of Commerce does not care what one lady from the other side of the country thinks, LOL, but I started thinking how this experience applies to the content we publish.

If you’re a content marketer, you work hard to create, publish and promote your content. If you are an entrepreneur or small business who outsources content marketing, you have invested a share of your marketing budget for content marketing. Do you want your target audience to arrive at your blog, view your video, or check out your social media profiles and feel like they’ve somehow been duped?

If you are not authentic in all of your content, your audience will go on to the next site, blog, video or post. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1 – Quality. Each piece of content you publish should be high quality. This can be as simple as being well formatted and spelled correctly. Reaching a little deeper it means providing the information your audience is searching for and that fulfills their needs.

2 – Relevant. The internet is flooded with new information constantly. Your content should be what your target audience needs NOW.

3 – Deliver what you promise. Have you ever watched a YouTube video that promised to show you how to write high conversion subject lines only to hear one long commercial? Ugh, a dirty sidewalk! Your content should not mislead your audience.

Don’t disappoint your audience with your content. People tell their friends about what they don’t like quicker than praise. What do you want them to say about you?