Although it seems like there is a new social media trend every day, Pinterest looks as if it is here to stay. Pinterest actually has the third biggest social media marketing share, just behind Twitter and Facebook, so it is important to learn how to use it effectively to promote your small business.

Once you have set up Pinterest business account, which is incredibly quick and easy to do, you can begin to use it for marketing purposes. Here are some of the most important tips on using Pinterest for your small business:

Feature your products or services

Include a price in the description of each picture if it is appropriate. If you have a blog, always make sure you put a relevant picture with the post and include a “pin it” button to make it as easy as possible to share. The picture allows users to repin your blog post and can help to drive traffic in the direction of your blog, and ultimately in the direction of your company.

Re-purpose your content as images

Turn some of your website content into graphics and charts for use on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is mainly a visual tool, it can be hard to manage to convey a lot of serious information about your company, but if you hire a good graphics designer to turn that information into an infographic, this can be a really effective and fun way to convey important information.

Promote your team

Use Pinterest to introduce the members of your team, and encourage each of them to create an individual pin board about themselves. The visual aspects of this will make a fun change from the short paragraphs about staff members that usually appear on corporate websites. As a small business, this is a good way to make your business more accessible and transparent, and to give your staff and business a human face.

Create discount codes

Post pictures of discount codes or printable vouchers that your followers can use online or in store. People will be able to share this coupon or graphic with other people on their Pinterest if they think that it is a good deal, and this can help to spread your company name.

Update and interact consistently

As with all forms of social media, it is important to update your content regularly and to interact with your fans and followers as much as possible to maintain your presence.

Promote “wish listing” your products

Encourage fans of your company to create “wish list” boards containing your products. These boards will help to showcase your products to all the Pinterest followers of the board creator. This will help to promote your products and will encourage the friends and families of the creator of the board to turn to your shop for presents on creator’s birthdays and holidays.

Using Pinterest to help promote your small business does not have to be difficult or time consuming if you simply follow the six tips given above.