Have you ever seen a site with high metrics which does not rank for anything? This is the clearest indication that Google doesn’t value and trust that site. Do you know what single metric is a clear representation of the search engine god’s love? Organic traffic baby, that’s right! 

Organic traffic is the new page rank!

Welcome to LocalShark Guest Posts. All those sites rank for something when receiving organic search traffic. Some are beasts while others not so much. In my inventory, you can find sites from all the major verticals. Some are run by enthusiasts and others by professionals. Some are nothing special, yet others are lovely pieces! The overall goal of Shark Links is to provide guest posting services at affordable prices. Here are:

3-rd party domain metrics have their place in the game, but relying solely on them when judging a domain strength is plain stupid. On the other hand, organic traffic is a direct representation that the optimization recipe is right on and that the site has what it takes to be rewarded and trusted by Google.

How awesome is that? You can see the statistics from a big part of our inventory directly from our list. Of course, the actual domains are not shown.

This service is designed to provide the best value for its price. If you know the market for such services you can recognize this at first glance.

Today you have a link from a DA20 site and tomorrow you have a link from DA30. If this is not a good SEO investment, then I don’t know what it is.

You don’t need to deal with writers and all that mumbo jumbo. Pick a site you like and order – we take care of the rest.

The whole process of prospecting, communicating, and establishing a relationship with site owners is very tedious. Regardless, we strive to expand our inventory constantly.

If there are some sites that don’t offer dofollow links, then this will be noted on the list next to each site. We generally avoid nofollows.

  •  Health/ Fitness/ Wellbeing
  •  Educations/ Parenting
  •  Travel
  •  Teach
  •  Business/ Internet Marketing
  •  Home
  •  Finance and Investing
  •  Fashion and Beauty
  •  Lifestyle/ Entertaiment/
  •  Food
  •  Auto
  •  Gaming

> How is the content quality?

While it’s not written by native writers I can guarantee you that the quality is more than decent.

> The turnaround time? Up to 10 calendar days.

If the site owner reacts faster, then that could be just a few days.

> Bulk orders?

Contact me so we can discuss it.

> Do I need to care if the site is not in my vertical/niche?

Of course, if your site doesn’t match the topic of the site you want to publish on, then we will reject that order.

> What if the site owner refuses to link out to my site?

You must understand that every single site owner is different. Some of them might not want to link out to certain sites for different reasons. If this happens, then we will refund you or we will reach out to other sites in the same niche with similar statistics who are willing to accept the post. If for any reason you believe there is a strong possibility your site is going to get rejected, then reach out to me before ordering so I can talk to the site owner.

> Are those public sites that anyone can post on?

Get out of here man, of course not!

> Can I see a sample or the actual site before ordering?

No, I won’t disclose other people’s sites. You can get a good impression of the domains from metrics and statistics. We disclose metrics and statistics for each site in our inventory. Showing a sample of a similar site is a useless thing to do.

> Do you provide a report?


> Refund policy

After the post is published and everything is as described and as promised then there won’t be any refunds available.

*** Since we are dealing with various and different site owners you can’t really know if some of them decide to do something stupid with the post. If extraordinary issues arise and there is a problem with the post in a period of 60 days after the post goes live, we will refund you or post on a site with similar statistics.

*** If you get the idea to build some “quality’’ T2 links to the post, there is a huge chance that you will get caught and your post will most likely get deleted. I will track for such behavior and will alarm site owners if they are not aware of it. I don’t want to put other people sites in danger and I don’t want to ruin my relationship with them. In such a scenario, you won’t get any refunds.