Twitter is not just out there for kids and celebrities, Twitter is there for business as well and not just online business or large corporations, it is there for you and your local business.

There are 3 simple ways to utilize this platform to market your local business and drive additional foot traffic that you can begin implementing today:

Utilize the Twitter search bar

The search bar is a valuable tool that allows you to search for local users and narrow those users down to your potential target market for your business. If you have a pet supply store here in Denver for example, you can utilize the search to find pet owners in the neighborhood.

To utilize the search bar, you can use a hashtag search like #dog or search ‘dog’ and ‘Denver’ without the hash tags to get a more generalized search. Search by your niche keyword, your area and key phrases that your target market would utilize in a tweet and you will find your target market.

Once you find those users, give them a follow and chances are they will follow you back. If they don’t follow back, you can move onto the second key way to use Twitter to market your business, which is engaging with your audience.


Once you are following your target audience, it is important to engage with them. I am certainly not saying you need to spend hours on Twitter each day, even a few minutes a day will make all the difference.

If you are that pet supply owner in Denver, you may see a follower post a question for a dog food suggestion or perhaps a cute photo of their dog. When you see posts like these, leave a comment and share your expertise. If a dog owner you are following posts about a movie that you are interested in seeing, engage. It doesn’t always have to be about your business.

Create a human response to a human question.

When I say engage, you don’t want to reply to that dog food inquiry with a link to your website or products. What you want to do is offer your personal recommendation. What would you feed your dog?

Only about 10% of your Twitter use should be about your business.

Because your Twitter profile should have a link to your website, that user may choose to follow you and check out your profile which may lead them to your shop. If the user knows that you are a human being who is engaging with them and their pets, they will be more likely to follow and engage with your product.

Be human and only occasionally post about your products or services, another 10% of your Twitter use should be engaging and promoting your neighbors.

Promote your neighbors

Helping your neighboring businesses helps you and creates free mutual advertising. If your neighbor is an independent coffee shop that has amazing coffee, share it. Promote their sales and ask for nothing in return. Just do it as a member of the community and the neighborhood.

Be sure to mention their Twitter account in your share and chances are they will eventually take notice and begin sharing about your business. It is just a natural domino effect that is valuable to all of the businesses near you and it creates valuable networking opportunities and infinitely more valuable word of mouth advertising.

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