In the world of internet marketing, everything is about the “click”. Without clicks you are simply lost. If you don’t know how to get clicks and are still spending money on ad campaigns, then you are probably losing money hand over fist — and at the least paying way too much for the clicks that you are getting.

One of the biggest secrets to effective online advertising and getting clicks for your campaigns is being creative and knowing how to target your audience. The days of media buying across numerous web sites and hoping for the best are now over. Through the use of full demographic and data targeting you can get your ads right in the face of your target audience.

Now all you need to focus on is creating a winning advertisement that will get their attention.

The truth about animation rich advertising is that it’s good for everyone.

  • Publisher sites who are currently working with Adnimation get to appreciate the additional revenue they will receive through their partnership.
  • Advertisers will see high click through rates from custom made interactive ad campaigns.
  • Visitors will get to experience a new type of advertising that is fun and makes you want to click for more!

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that the online advertising industry is quickly approaching the $50 billion a year mark.

Spending on digital advertising—which includes social media and mobile devices—is expected to rise nearly 17% to $50 billion in the U.S. this year. That would be about 28% of total U.S. ad spending. Just five years ago, digital accounted for 16%. – WSJ

With this much spending going on, it’s crucial for businesses and brands of all sizes to spend their advertising dollars on campaigns that actually work and drive results.

Adnimation is currently catering their new interactive advertising to publisher who are looking to generate revenue through their sites and advertisers who are looking to expand their ad campaigns.

  • Publisher sites are paid on a per click basis. Since these types of advertisements are much more appealing to site visitors, publishers will likely see a much higher click through rate which results in higher ad revenue.
  • With so many advertisers spending money on boring and traditional banner advertising and social media campaigns, creating a new animation rich media campaign is sure to bring new life and excitement to your brand. By taking a look at your previous best performing ad copies, Adnimation can create new and interactive rich media ads to improve overall performance and click rates.

Online advertising is in the face of internet users on a daily basis. Many of them are completely blind to traditional banners and advertising online, so now it’s time to give them something different. Explore the options of using animated rich media to increase clicks and lead generation for your business and brand.