Content creation have you up against a wall? Suffering from writer’s block? Dust off some of that old content and re-purpose it using these nine tips.

Tips To Re-Purpose Your

1. Pull key ideas from your content to create tweets that provide value.

2. Create motivational graphics. Share on Social Media

3. Create a slideshow to motivate purchases.

4. Combine relevant content to create a live event, eBook, or online learning program.

5. Record live events and have them transcribed to create tons of written content that can be used in your newsletter, blog posts, or for downloads.

6. Transcribe videos and use the information on your blog.

7. Pull key facts and statistics together and create an infographic

8. Explore how you can present old content in a different format. For example, product reviews could be used to create a product comparison.

9. Review old content and look for opportunities to update it with new facts, examples, and information.

Having a repurposing strategy makes the most of your assets and saves you valuable time, energy, and money.