As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, getting out there and giving presentations can be a great lead generation tactic. But, if you do it without a little finesse, it could backfire. So, here are five tips to help you make a good impression during your next lead generation presentation.

1. Use easy to hear language, make it more conversational.

First, since you are trying to attract prospects to your business here in the Valley, let your personality shine through. Let people get to know, like and trust you through your presentation. Let them know you’ve lived in Phoenix for 30 years. Let them know you’ve been in business in the Valley for 20 years. Let them know you’ve developed roots here in the community and care about serving your neighbors.

Second, be mindful of how words sound. Many times words that are perfectly understandable when read, can be misunderstood when heard. Also, a person who is reading can always go back and read an unclear sentence, however, when someone is talking, they can’t go back and listen to the sentence again. This is even more important when you are trying to convey difficult information.

2. Keep the speech simple — no more than three to five ideas, three being better than five.

No matter what the topic, people can only understand so much. Much more than three ideas in a speech, and people will either lose interest, lose track or both.

Make your points locally relevant or anchored. Tie your key ideas into the Phoenix culture to really grab a local audience.

3. Use vocal variety.

Vocal variety adds personality, interest, and emphasis to your speech. It keeps people interested, which is very important when discussing technical information. Do not, I repeat, do not let your nerves or possible lack of confidence turn you into a presenter with a robotic delivery! Use the excess energy to bring passion into your presentation.

4. Use clear and natural body language.

Often, if you can “show what you mean” via body language — hand gestures, body stance, etc. — it can make a concept more clear. It is very important, however, that the gestures seem natural and not forced.

Also, using body language can put you and your audience at ease. When people are more relaxed, they can convey and understand scientific and technical information more easily.

5. Use simple, easy to understand visuals.

Visuals often help make a concept clearer than mere words can. This is especially true of difficult to understand and/or visualize scientific or technical information. If you can use visuals that also suggest a Phoenix flare, so much the better!