Your journey towards social media success will be easier (and take less time) if you look for and incorporate tips, techniques, and shortcuts. Here are ten tips that worked well for those at the top.

1. Focus on One Network to start.

Although it’s true that one has to have a good grasp of all the major social networks, specializing in one social network will help you achieve success. Choose the one where your target audience is located. After establishing success in the first network, add another.

2. Create a Cover Photo that Reflects and Focuses on Your Specialty

Creating a cover photo that truly showcases you and your work will be one of your most powerful strategies.

3. Use Share Buttons

Being a social media superstar means not missing a trick. You make the most of every opportunity to share – on social media feeds, and off.

4. Ask for the Share

Whatever you post – on social feeds, your Pages or on your blog – remember to simply ask people to share it.

5. Use Hashtags

Several social networks now support hashtags – and all of these networks are actively working to make hashtags work even better on their systems. Creating your own eye-catching, unique hashtag or using a relevant, existing one that is already trending can help multiply your shares and capture targeted audience members you haven’t even met yet.

6. Provide Top-Quality Tips

Sharing tips that make your fans’ lives easier is the best way to catch the eye of your target audience (especially if you’ve asked existing fans and followers to share your tip.)

And if you can combine really useful tips with the latest-breaking changes, so much the better.

7. Illustrate your Posts and Links with Graphics

Primarily use this tip with blog post links. People have become immune to links, and many have conditioned themselves to gloss over them and keep the eye moving. A photograph helps stop people in their tracks if it “tells” them instantly what they’ll get when they glance at the photo.

8. Be Generous – Credit and Share

If someone else has written the post you found useful or provided a fabulous list of resources or a juicy tip – share it and give credit to the author! Never be afraid to share your secrets with your audience. You’re proving you have their best interests at heart and that you are all in the journey together. Just as important, share your followers’ posts and tips too (people love to be noticed and acknowledged; particularly by experts).

9. Don’t Over-Promote

If you use the majority of your social media posts to drive people to actions you want them to take, you will come off as just another marketing shark. A recommended rule-of-thumb is to make eighty per cent of your posts helpful, general, entertaining or just plain interesting; and less than twenty percent promotional.

10. Develop Relationships with “Key Influencers.”

Don’t just focus on your fans – actively follow and respond to your own favorite “key influencers” in the social media niche. Do make sure you visit their feeds and interact regularly, however: Never just for the sake of interacting – but the more often your Profile Photo appears next to a really helpful post or detail-specific comment, the better your chances of being noticed and remembered.

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